How Change in Technology is Impacting Recruitment

Date: 31st January,2018    |    Time: 5pm to 6 pm (IST)    |    Online





From professional networking sites and job boards to online applicant systems, technology has revolutionized recruitment, profoundly changing how employers and recruiters find potential candidates. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has already been introduced into recruitment.

How much impact will it have? How will it change recruitment? Which new technologies will be introduced in recruitment?


#TTRT Guest

John Wallace has worked in the recruitment business for over 20 years. He started his recruitment career with an independent consultancy in Scotland, he went on to work in resourcing leadership and senior HR roles with RBS, Tesco and Barclays. Since 2015 he has consulted with a variety of businesses providing diagnosis for problems and insight for solutions.

Over the years, John has been responsible for the recruitment of tens of thousands of people, developed innovative hiring process, created award winning campaigns, driven change and delivered recruitment that delivered results for businesses. His experience has been across the globe, and working through the arc of resourcing activity.

Through this experience John has seen the damage that poor resourcing can do to a business and the huge benefits of getting it right. Yet, too often, resourcing only receives focus and investment in times of crisis. John is passionate about the need for resourcing to be though of as a critical activity in a business environment that is changing more rapidly, and dramatically than ever. He advocates a strategic approach to resourcing that is more than filling jobs. Thinking about the future, and not just short-term execution.


TweetChat Questions:

  1. To what extent will technology change the traditional recruitment methods?
  2. Data analytics is increasingly used in recruitment. How should recruiters prepare themselves for this change ?
  3. How real is the danger of recruiters losing their job to a machine?
  4. How many months ahead should a company plan while building its hiring pipeline?
  5. Organizations are continually re-structuring”. Are they becoming flatter? Is there a trend?
  6. Virtual Reality is being considered as the next big thing. How will it impact recruitment?
  7. Will technology help in assessing the technical ability of the candidate?
  8. What is your advice to a non-technical organization on coping up with this technological shift?


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