What will be the Future of Recruitment in an Automated World?

Date: 2nd August,2017    |    Time: 3 pm to 4 pm (IST)    |    Online






Automation is changing the way recruitment is done. With technologies like Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Softwares coming in the picture, many organizations have already implemented changes in their recruitment process. A disruption in near future is being fueled by Artificial Intelligence. At one end, some recruiters are worried about being relevant in future, while others are taking it as an opportunity to evolve.

Let’s anticipate the future in the exciting conversation on Twitter and share views on what will be the Future of Recruitment in an automated world?


#TTRT Guest

Tarun Sharma is the Chief Executive Officer of BMC Software India.He is also the Chief Customer Officer for Asia-Pacific & Japan at BMC Software, and the Executive Sponsor & Head of BMC Lab in Ukraine.Besides being an innovator and a technologist, Tarun is also a philanthropist, and works on altruistic initiatives which impact many lives. He is an avid singer and a student of Hindustani music.

Tarun is also a prolific writer and has published two books. He frequently speaks at top industry conferences on a plethora of topics from leadership and incubation to technology and entrepreneurship.


TweetChat Questions:

  1. In Future, would AI and robots be able to replace Recruiters?
  2. Which recruitment processes would be automated in future?
  3. Which tools & technologies will be adopted to improve recruitment in future?
  4. What will be future role of recruiters?
  5. How important will be the technical assessment in future?
  6. Recruitment industry has to handle lot of unstructured data. How will Analytics help recruiters?
  7. What will be the career path of recruiters?
  8. How can we leverage automation in recruitment to improve the Candidate Experience?
  9. How frequently will recruitment happen in a company with automation in picture?
  10. Share tips on how a recruiter should get prepared for the future?


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